Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dana got somw marshmellow on my face....so she apparently helped me get it off!! Posted by Picasa

Dana's got a little hole! Posted by Picasa

Kyle trying to help Sam locate catchable fish! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Don't Feel Like It

I was gunna post a long, drawn out update of my lackluster life, but instead, I've opted to say...."I Don't Feel Like It!!" What if that was a valid explaination that our society embraced. You don't go to work, your boss calls you to see why you're not at the office...You simply say "I don't feel like it." And their response would be, "Oh...Okay, give me a call next time to give me a heads up...hope to see you soon, have a good one!!" Ahhhhh..I don't feel like it. Such a beautiful phrase. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm definately not a lazy person, ok maybe I am just slightly, but sometimes it seems as though "I don't feel like it," should be enough of a reason to justify our behavior, or lack of behavior, whatever......I don't feel like going into more depth. Love me or leave me.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Birthday Blog

As a present to you, I decided it's ABOUT TIME I friggin' make a post......Tomorrow is my golden birthday , I will be 24 on the 24th!! I feel as though I have not yet accomplished anything significant in my life. Now, I know this isn't completely true...I did graduate from college and I did marry the love of my life....so I guess I can't completely write these events off as nothing. I want to have it all right now....I want to buy a house, I want to be debt-free, I want to be able to go out when I want, I want, I want, I want....I get it...I'm selffish. I have no patience, I have no faith and without faith, I feel as though I have nothing. I've had an epiphany....it's faith I lack. Hmmmm....this hasn't always been the case....Where did my faith go? The question of the hour, the question I will try to answer during the 24th year of my life...any suggestions???

Sunday, April 10, 2005

A New Journey Begins

Sorry for falling off the face of the planet....I started a new job last week and I'm trying to get a new schedule figured out....Sigh, I pretty much just don't like having to be in one place for 8 hours....OK, maybe I just don't like to work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy...I just would like more time to live MY life, not the life of others...

Ok, that said, I have to say that my new job is pretty cool. My boss is a SUPER nice guy and I totally dig the team atmosphere. We have a lot of fun and I feel a lot better about what I'm actually doing on a day-to-day basis. Now the last piece to the puzzle is the money....Hopefully that comes as I get better : ) Just praying we can pay the bills this month. Sigh. I effing HATE money, or rather not having any.

Monday, March 28, 2005

ABC Quiz Thingy

A: Age 23
B: Best friend- Sammy
C: Crush-
Matthew McConaughey
D: Dad's Name- Michael
E: Easiest person to talk to- Sammy
F: Fetishes- Going commando? Hehehe :)
G: Gummy bears or gummy worms- gummy worms
H: Hometown- El Toro, CA & Boise, ID
I: Ice cream flavor- Strawberry
J: Jam or Jelly- Jam
K: Kids- 2 at the most
L: Longest car ride ever- Pullman, WA to San Diego, CA in a Dodge Caravan with my in-laws, my husband, and my 3 brothers (in-laws)
M: Mood- tired
N: Number of siblings- 4 brothers (3 are bro-in-laws, but I never call them that, they are my brothers!!)
O: One wish- All my favorite people could all live in the same city
P: Phobia- spiders
Q: Quote- "Keep it classy Lewiston."
R: Reason to smile- Sammy, my fam, good friends, God, MUSIC!!!!
S: Song you last sang- "Information Travels Faster" Death Cab
T: Time you wake up- when I work, 6:15am...when I'm off, as late as possible
U: Unknown fact about me-I drool only when I'm REALLY tired!!
V: Vegetable- Bell peppers, or are those fruit since they have seeds?
W: Worst habit- No patience, raising my voice without realizing it....
X: X-rays you've had- teeth, head, pelvis, entire back
Y: Yummy food- Ice Cream
Z: Zodiac sign- Taurus

Saturday, March 26, 2005

70% Cotton / 30% Spandex Blend

OK, raise your hand if at one point in your life you have gone commando.....It doesn't matter if you were just trying it out, were by some uncontrollable situation forced to, or you do so on a regular basis because you like the feel of half inch thick demin seams in your crotch, whatever....no judgements. This is my story.

I'm visiting home and if you've read the previous post about my mother, you would've learned that she is...special. Not saying she rides the short bus, she's just funny....Anyway, yesterday as I was getting dressed for the day, I realized that I somehow forgot to pack more than one pair of underwear (panties, in honor of Sammy's love of the word). So, I didn't think twice about slipping into my jeans sans panties. Later that afternoon, I bent over to pick something up and like most jeans do...they slid down my ass a bit (I have a big ass so it's really difficult to find jeans that fit properly, but that is a WHOLE nother blog entry). My Mom notices this and slides her hand halfway down my crack, I guess "checking" to see if I had underwear on?? Since we all know how sensitive our ass-crack region is I jumped up with a bit of a scream, thinking maybe she put ice or some shit down my pants, hehehe shit...no pun intended

Me: What are you doing??!!?

Mom (in Bolivian accent): Aye, Karen, do you have underwear on?

Me (Plainly): No.

Mom (Horrified): Aieeeee.......

Me: Sorry, I forgot to pack more...what am I supposed to do? I need to buy some, but I'd rather wear none than dirty ones!!

Mom: (Disgusted sigh) That is disgusting.....

Me: It'd be more disgusting to be wearing dirty underwear!!

Mom: I can't believe you, don't you know that the first thing you pack is bras and panties?

Me: Yeah, I got 3 bras!! Musta got distracted during panty packing time...I'm sorry!!

Mom: Mud-head (this is my Mom's trademark insult)...That is disgusting.

You'll all be relieved to know that the first thing I got was underwear.....Phew!! As I sit here typing this tragic event in my life (more so for my Mom than I), my "no zone," (What we called our "privates" in elementary school :) ) is happily covered by an thin layer of a 70% cotton/ 30% spandex blend. Sooo comfy!!

And again today, my Mom reminded me to "never do that again....that's disgusting!"

Commando Karen here... over and out!! (Military salute)


Nothing to see here...Keeping walking!

Feminine Hatred

I have a few topics I'd like to comment on and I can't decide .....Oh well, I'll just start typing and we'll see where it takes us. OK, I have a problem. I have a friend who I seriously don't get. She is the type of girl who makes me hate being a girl. Really, I say it all the time..."I hate girls." We (some of us, mind you) are an annoying species. The catty, selffish, demeaning breed is the one I speak of in particular. For some reason or another, some girls think that their friends should be treated with a passive agressiveness that honestly makes me want to rip my hair out, shove it down her throat at the peak of her snotty attitude rollercoaster, so she inevitably has an uncontrolable coughing spell while simultaneously opening her eyes to see past her pretty little face and see the demeaning, controlling, manipulative, moody brat she really is. Don't get me wrong, although I'd like to strangle her at times I still love her and she can be a major blast. It's just, I don't know how much of her alter-ego (which is around quite often) I can take. How much should I take?

I am a nice person for the most part, and I have a really hard time writing people off, I'm always worried she's gunna get mad at me for not calling or for being depressed. (I was in a major depression slump for a few months.) One of my best friends who helped me through it all said the female in question is not a good friend, when I needed my friends the most during the depression of 2004, she was definately not there. Thing is, I don't know if she knows HOW to be there....she can be VERY self-absorbed and extremely superficial. She makes it known to all when she is in a bad mood, she pouts and tries to get you to ask her what's wrong.....I know I shouldn't ask, but I always do....Like sheep to the slaughter, the words come flying out of my mouth before I can even tell myself NO!! "What's wrong?" Damn you self! Why? WHY?

I hate seeing people unhappy and I want to help anyway I can. I'm not saying I don't get in bad moods and I don't always handle myself flawlessly, however, I would rather seclude myself from everyone else than bring everyone else down with me. Maybe that's the wrong way to handle it too, I don't know...Dammit!! I've got myself all turned around.....I don't think I'm perfect and the more I deal with this shit the more I over analyze myself and the situation....Maybe I'm just reading too much into her behavior....AHHHHH!!! I wish it would all just go away...no, I don't care if she's mad, really I don't, but at least freakin' tell me so...I'll ask her "Is everything OK?" She always answers "Yes, why?" I usually mumble something about her seeming upset or some shit.... She brushes me off and the cycle continues. What in the hell am I supposed to do? Please tell me.....DAMMIT! I frickin' HATE girls!!!!

I was gunna write about some other stuff as well, but I'm too frazzled now and I need to go to bed, tell ya'll bout' it tomorrow. G'nite.....

Friday, March 25, 2005

Middle School Humor

OK, picture this.... I'm sitting at my brothers orange Mapex drum set where just a few weeks ago, my parent's Christmas tree still stood, and I'm wailing out a beat. At least I think it's a fairly solid rhythm....I'm about to go into my trademark "ape-shit" solo and my Mom, in a softened Bolivian accent says :

" Being the drummer is probably the best spot to be in, in a band....."

"Why is that?"

She sits on the once luxurious brown corduroy couch and ponders for a moment be fore she plainly states:

"Because you could fart as loud as you want and no one would ever hear you."

Brilliant!! : ) Although nothing about drums mask the smell....Wow Mom, after all these years, burps and farts are still the primary topics that make you laugh the hardest....Props to you, Mom, I love you- ROCK ON!!!!
Ahhh...Home Sweet Home